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Amid Growing National Despair, MDC's Ncube Urges Optimism

Opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Welshman Ncube has urged Zimbabweans to remain positive about a better future despite growing despair due to economic stagnation and poor employment prospects.

In his Christmas message, Mr. Ncube noted that a dark cloud of uncertainty was hanging ominously over the country, causing what he termed high levels of public enxiety.

Zimbabwe, which enjoyed stability under the unity government in the past five years, looks poised for a precipitous economic and social decline with policies offered by the ruling Zanu PF largely seen as outright detrimental, or simply out of lockstep with the obtaining realities.

But Ncube counselled optimism, saying Zimbabweans should stay the course and fight for a prosperous future “where justice and fairness are practiced as enshrined in the new constitution."

"Together as a nation we concluded the writing and adoption of a new constitution; it is moments like these which signify the greatness we can achieve as a nation if we unite and work together peacefully," Ncube said.

The citizenry should hold onto the hope that a better tomorrow will come, he added.

With both MDC formations having lost dismally to President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF in the July 31 polls, some may find Ncube's optimistic implausible.

But not political analyst Brilliant Mhlanga.

"I agree with Professor Ncube on that one, I think it is important to acknowledge that as human beings, hope is what keeps us moving," Mhlanga told VOA by phone from Britain.

"I am still confident that there is a better tomorrow for the greater good of mankind in Zimbabwe; if the people know what they want and they stick to it, ultimately out of their good acts and goodwill, something good will come out."