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'Abducted' Doctor Peter Magombeyi Alive in Nyabira

Dr. Peter Magombeyi
Dr. Peter Magombeyi

Abducted Zimbabwean doctor, Dr. Peter Magombeyi, says he is alive in Nyabira, about 35 kilometers north-west of Harare.

Dr. Magombeyi told VOA Studio 7 that “I’m alive …”

He was allegedly abducted by state security agents last Saturday. State Security Minister Owen Ncube said he suspected that a "third force" was involved in the abduction.

Dr. Magombeyi said his last recollection before being taken by unnamed people, were memories of being electrocuted.

“I remember being in a basement of some sort, being electrocuted at some point, that is what I vividly remember. I, I just don’t remember,” Dr. Magombeyi said, struggling to speak.

Zimbabwe’s government and police have denied involvement in Magombeyi’s disappearance but said they were doing all they could to find the doctor. The government also indicated a third force could be involved in the disappearance to taint the government’s image.

Responding to the police allegation, and also Twitter posts alluding to the same accusations, Magombeyi said he had no answer.

“I need time to think about it, I don’t know.”

The government has denied any knowledge of his abduction, claiming that a so-called third force could be involved.