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White Farmer Association Questions Harare's Compensation Offer

One of the main organizations representing white Zimbabwean commercial farmers stripped of their property in land reform that began in 2000 has dismissed reports that the government will compensate such farmers for improvements to those properties.

State Security Minister Didymus Mutasa, also in charge of land reform, confirmed that Harare had invited former white farmers to seek compensation for improvements to their seized properties - though not for the land itself. The government of President Robert Mugabe says such land was stolen by the country's white colonizers.

Though he did not verify the amount allocated for compensation, Mutasa said the government is firmly committed to compensating farmers for structural improvements to the farms, including the construction of dams and irrigation systems.

But Justice For Agriculture Chief Executive Officer John Worsely Worswich said that although his organization had only heard the offer at second hand, they will only consider it to be a serious offer if it is presented in writing.

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