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Zimbabwe Cricket 'Upgrade' Needed For Return To Test Play - ICC

Zimbabwe cricket fans welcomed recommendations from a task force commissioned by the International Cricket Council saying Zimbabwe's cricket establishment must be overhauled before the national team can rejoin the test match circuit it fell out of in 2006.

Headed by ICC Director Julian Hunte, chairman of the West Indies Cricket Board, the task force said Zimbabwe Cricket needs to be "upgraded" for the country rejoin test play.

The panel said that before Zimbabwe's cricket side can rejoin test play it must have satisfied reasonable performance criteria in first-class and other multi-day matches.

Zimbabwe was also urged to update administrative structures and processes. The national cricket establishment was encouraged to develop an ongoing partnership with the ICC and its member services department to track Zimbabwe's performance against a strategic plan.

Cricket commentator Brian Goredema told reporter Marvellous Mhlanga-Nyahuye of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that report is welcome as professionalism must be restored.

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