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Pay, Tuition Issues Block Scheduled Reopening of University of Zimbabwe

Though the University of Zimbabwe was scheduled to reopen on Monday, sources said the institution remained closed and its administration has posted signs notifying students and lecturers or instructors that the launch of a new semester has been postponed.

Campus sources said the government has not paid university lecturers the US$100 monthly supplement to which they are entitled as civil servants, and a strike has been threatened.

Those close to the situation added that most students have not been able to come up with the new tuition of US$420 per semester. Most prices in Zimbabwe have been dollarized.

Zimbabwe National Students Union spokesman Blessing Vava told reporter Jonga Kandemiiri that no answers were forthcoming from the authorities on the failure to reopen.

University of Zimbabwe Teachers Association President Government Phiri said lecturers have not been paid their regular Zimbabwe dollar salaries since June of last year.

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