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Additional Funding Sought For Battle Against Cholera In Zimbabwe

International Red Cross officials were in Oslo, Norway, on Wednesday seeking commitments of further funds to fight the persistent and deadly cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe as the World Health Organization reported that fatalities had risen to 3,501 from over 71,000 cases.

The Red Cross announced from Geneva on Tuesday that it had funds for just four more weeks of operations across the country.

Red Cross Disaster Management Coordinator Farid Abdulkadir told reporter Patience Rusere of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that he was meeting with representatives of the Norwegian and Swedish Red Cross to mobilize funding to sustain anti-cholera efforts in Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Zimbabweans are flocking to health facilities in Musina, South Africa, close to the border, to be treated for a variety of ailments.

As Studio 7 correspondent Benedict Nhlapho reported, a Medicins Sans Frontières doctor said that while the flow of cholera victims has eased, many are still seeking other medical care.

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