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Dollarization Puts School Fees Out Of Reach Of Many Zimbabwe Families

The progressive dollarization of the hyperinflation-ridden Zimbabwean has extended to school tuitions with private primary and secondary institutions setting fees in U.S. dollars, putting child education out of reach of many families given the collapse of the state system.

Concerned parents said the new fees are out of reach of the majority of families. Ordinary Zimbabwean workers earn only around US$50 month.

The Chisipite Secondary School in Harare, the capital, has set its fee for one term (there are three terms in the Zimbabwe scholastic year) at US$1,200, and was asking pupils to bring fuel coupons worth US$300 with them on their first day of the term as a deposit.

The Roxer Academy primary school in Harare has set its fees at US$800 dollars a term, while in Bulawayo the Masiyephambili Primary School is requiring a fee of US$650.

National Coordinator Enock Paradzayi of the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe told reporter Chris Gande of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that even private schools will be empty next week as teachers cannot afford to travel to work and families can’t afford fees.

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