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Zimbabwe Teachers Union Blasts Authorities Over Exams Incentives

The Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe has criticized the Education Ministry and the Reserve Bank for proposing to pay striking teachers up to Z$1.2 million a day to monitor grade seven, ordinary and advanced examinations.

The union said the government is turning teachers into "mercenaries" teachers previously have invigilated examinations as part of their normal duties.

Grade seven exams began Monday after a delay of three weeks due to a teachers strike and what critics of the educational system called poor preparation by the Zimbabwe Schools Examinations Council. Teachers seek entry-level salaries of US$1,200.

Some teachers told VOA they are not enthusiastic about the exam-monitoring fees as they are usually paid after long delay, making them useless amid hyperinflation.

Progressive Teachers Union National Coordinator Oswald Madziva told Jonga Kandemiiri that striking teachers will remain resolute as to their compensation demands.

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