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Zimbabwe Health Experts Concerned That Most Sick People Cannot Afford Treatment

Health experts are concerned that most sick people are now opting to stay at home due to lack of funds for treatment and the economic and political climate in the country.

Some private doctors are now charging for services in foreign currency, while medical aid societies are reportedly failing to honor payments to hospitals and doctors, as the country's economy continues to spiral downwards.

Secretary of Health, Dr Henry Madzorere of the MDC formation led by Morgan Tsvangirai, tells studio 7 for Zimbabwe reporter Carole Gombakomba that the ongoing strike by junior doctors and nurses at state hospitals, has worsened the situation and that there could be far too many unnenecessary deaths due to the declining health care system.

Itai Rusike, executive director of the Community Working Group also tells studio 7 that the burden has now been left to community health care workers and relatives who are now struggling to take care of the sick in their homes.

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