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Zimbabwe Opposition Says Manicaland Constituency Sealed By War Veterans

Zimbabwe opposition officials on Monday reported another abduction in Manicaland province following the brief kidnapping last week of the wife of an opposition activist there.

MDC officials said Moses Chirau, the younger brother of activist Killian Chirau, was taken away by suspected war veterans and members of the ZANU-PF militia who opened fire on him.

This incident followed the abduction Thursday of Killian Chirau’s wife, Juliet Dakacha, who was seized from her home in Manicaland's Buhera South constituency and released the same day after being beaten and tortured. The militia is said to be actively seeking Killian Chirau.

Moses Chirau’s whereabouts were unknown but opposition sources said he was believed to be held at the notorious Mutiusinazita torture base in the constituency.

Manicaland opposition officials said they have not been able to transport Juliet Dakacha to the hospital because most of the party's vehicles are in the hands of police who confiscated them during the turbulent period following the March 29 general and presidential elections.

The party said hundreds of its supporters around the country have yet to receive medical care for election-period injuries due to lack of transport and other problems.

Buhera South Member of Parliament-elect Naison Nemadziva of the MDC, in hiding in Mutare, told Jonga Kandemiiri that war veterans have sealed off Buhera South, making it very difficult for opposition members who fled violence to return to their homes.

Elsewhere, sources in Gokwe, Midlands, said suspected state agents have been arresting opposition councilors then releasing them without pressing charges. They said the agents have vowed to make life difficult for the councilors until they resign or join ZANU-PF.

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