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South African Government To Close Xenophobia Camps

The South African government says camps housing victims of the recent xenophobic attacks will be closed early next week and the occupants, who include Zimbabweans among other nationalities, will be reintergrated into the communities they fled when violence broke out in May this year.

But some Zimbabwean nationals tell studio seven they have vowed not to return to their former communities as they still fear violence.

Most of those who were removed from Glenanda Camp and taken to Lindela Repatriation Centre have been released while others refuse to go to the new camp in Randfontein for various reasons.

Spokeswomen Siobhan [pronouned sha-vawn] McCarthy of the South African department of Home Affairs tells reporter Sithandekile Mhlanga that so far her department has issued temporary non-resident certificates valid for six months to some 6,700 people, but some are refusing them.

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