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Zimbabwe Maize Farmers Concerned As Dry Spell Stretches Out

Zimbabwean farmers not long ago were complaining that too much rain was drowning their crops, but now a dry spell is parching maize crops across much of the country.

Torrential rains in January, causing floods in some areas, had farmers worried about yields and in some cases waiting for the soil to dry out to plant late second crops. But 10 days without rain have left them wondering if the rainy season ended too early.

Zimbabwe's Meteorological Services Department was to start seeding clouds Tuesday in hopes of triggering rainfall in areas of high importance to maize production.

Agronomist Thomas Nherera, a former head of the Indigenous Commercial Farmers Union, told reporter Jonga Kandemiiri of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that although maize farmers are unhappy, dry weather is welcome to tobacco and cotton growers.

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