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Zimbabwe Election Monitor Says Country Not Ready For March Elections

The Zimbabwe Election Support Network has declared that the country is not ready to go to the polls in March as the government insists it must do.

At a news conference in Harare on Tuesday, the election monitoring group pointed to “anomalies” in a report on national redistricting the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission issued recently and which was tabled in parliament last week.

It also said there are serious problems with the national voters roll which need to be corrected if the proposed elections are to be considered free and fair.

ZESN Chairman Noel Kututwa told reporter Carole Gombakomba that Harare’s failure to implement reforms agreed in South African-mediated crisis talks, the controversy attached to ZEC redistricting, the condition of the voter’s roll and the economic crisis added up to the conclusion that elections held in March will not be credible.

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