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Access To Zimbabwe Redistricting Report Limited Even For Lawmakers

Members of Zimbabwe's parliament say they have not yet been provided with copies of a critical redistricting report tabled there last week and have had to line up to read the single copy which is available without being able to make photocopies.

Opposition members of parliament said they have been told government printers have been unable to make copies of the three-volume report of some 800 pages, though it has a major bearing on ballots the government insists must be held in March.

The report explains the demarcation of 210 house districts - 60 of them new - and 60 senate constituencies.

Experts said interested parties have seven days to examine the report before the new constituency boundaries are made final through a presidential proclamation. But the parliament is currently adjourned, making debate on redistricting impossible.

Zimbabwe Election Support Network Chairman Noel Kututwa told reporter Carole Gombakomba of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that stakeholders have been prevented from raising concerns about redistricting, which is “crucial” to election fairness.

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