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Electricity Company Shifts Generators To Maintain Even Energy Flow In Zimbabwe

In a bid to minimize the damage caused by the rising energy crisis in the country, the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority or ZESA, has now started shifting the few remaining transformers from one area to another, to ensure a steady supply of power.

ZESA insiders told VOA that they have failed to fix damaged transformers, including the one at the Hwange Thermal Power Plant, due to lack of foreign currency. Regional electricity supply companies have drastically cut power supply to Zimbabwe, because of ZESA’s inability to pay off it arrears.

Economic experts said the constant power cuts, coupled with water and foreign currency shortages, have brought the economy close to a grinding halt.

Only a few mining companies including Impala and rival Aquarius Platinum, have managed to import electricity directly from regional suppliers, to keep their operations running.

President Marah Hativagone of the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce told reporter Blessing Zulu of VOA’s Studio 7 for Zimbabwe, that there is need to bring in foreign players to revive the sector.

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