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Zimbabwe Elections Group Endorses New Voter Registration Drive

The Zimbabwe Election Support Network expressed satisfaction Monday that the government will be launching a second mobile voter registration exercise beginning on Friday, October 26, and running until November 15.

A spokesman for the organization, which fielded thousands of election monitors in the 2005 general election, said the previous mobile registration campaign failed to reach many Zimbabweans who wanted to register to vote, and said it hopes those who did not succeed last time will have better luck getting their names on voter lists.

The government said it was launching the follow-up registration drive due to the many complaints registered about the earlier operation, which ended in September.

But the opposition Movement for Democratic Change faction of party founder Morgan Tsvangirai said it does not expect this new round of mobile registration to cover all the areas of the country that were under-served by the previous campaign.

MDC Bulawayo District spokesman Felix Mafa said two teams per district is not enough as the extended mobile registration will last only three weeks.

ZESN Chairman Noel Kututwa told reporter Jonga Kandemiiri of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that little information has emerged about the new registration round so the government has a lot to do to launch the program Friday as announced.

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