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Cost of Living For Zimbabwe Families Rises 49% In June

The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe said the cost of living for an urban family of six rose in June by 49% to Z$8.2 million (US$55), compared with Z$5.5 million in May.

The consumer council said that if not for the government’s campaign against price increases that monthly living cost could have hit Z$12.6 million. But the June figure is still far more than the average monthly paycheck of some Z$2 million (US$13).

Inflation was last officially gauged at 4,500% for the year through April, but economists say that by now it is well over 5,000%. The Central Statistical Office has not published inflation data for two months and Harare has announced its intention to launch a new statistical office which will overhaul the process by which inflation is measure.

Critics say Harare suppressed inflation data because it was politically embarrassing.

Economist Bothwell Deka of the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce told reporter Jonga Kandemiiri of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that the latest cost surge reflects sustained demand for essential goods which are in ever shorter supply.

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