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Zimbabwe Bank Workers Say They Will Proceed With Strike

The Zimbabwe Bank and Allied Workers Union said Friday that it will keep in place a notice of its intention to launch a strike next week until there is some clarification from bank managers as to how they intend to meet the union's demands.

The statement followed a request by the Bank Employers Association of Zimbabwe to the Ministry of Labor that it bar the looming strike on grounds that the union had not provided compelling reasons for calling the strike by bank employees.

The employers also challenged a March arbitration decision. But the ministry threw out the request saying workers followed the proper procedures in giving notice to strike.

The bank workers union gave notice of its intention to call a strike two weeks ago after financial institutions failed to grant pay rises awarded by the arbitrator.

Bank Employers Association Chairman Simba Manhando declined to comment.

Bank and Allied Workers Union President Blessing Mujuru told reporter Jonga Kandemiiri that the financial institutions must heed arbitration results.

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