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Residents Associations In Zimbabwe Tackle State Control of Water Resources

All residents associations in Zimbabwe, converged in Masvingo Thursday, to discuss the state's countrywide take over, of the management of water and sewerage systems, from local authorities.

The government repealed the Water Act of 1976, and passed into law the Water Act of 1998, which authorized the Zimbabwe National Water Authority, to run and manage all of the country's water resources.

But residents, local authorities and other stakeholders, including some lawmakers, have opposed the decentralization of water management in the country, because they said, the state cannot carry out the services as efficiently as local authorities.

Combined Harare Residents Association vice chairman Israel Mabhowo, who attended the three-day convention in Masvingo, told reporter Jonga Kandemiiri of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe, that they hope to find a solution to the take over and issues of compensation to local authorities over the assets taken by ZINWA.

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