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Activists Call on South Africa to Treat Zimbabwean Exiles with Dignity

Zimbabwe's harsh economic environment is forcing more and more people to flee to neighboring countries, to seek a better life. However, once at their destination they often face discrimination and abuse.

In light of this reality, the South African based Zimbabwe Exiles Forum and other human rights groups released a report, Tuesday, documenting what it called the “challenges and obstacles” being faced by many Zimbabweans who have crossed the border seeking refuge in South Africa.

The authors of the report, which focused on the Musina border post where many violations take place, said they hoped to pave the way for activists to lobby South African authorities and other international rights groups, to treat Zimbabwean illegal immigrants and asylum seekers with dignity.

Program manager Eddie Matsangaitse of the Zimbabwe Exiles forum, told Studio 7 that the report reflects the plight of most Zimbabweans fleeing to South Africa to escape the political and economic crisis in Zimbabwe.

Chief executive officer Jacob Matakanye of Musina Legal Advice Center, who also contributed to the report, says everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

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