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More Shootings At Wake Of Slain Zimbabwean Activist; Police Accused

Mourners at the wake of a Zimbabwean opposition activist shot to death on Sunday by police were again fired upon late Tuesday by assailants whom the opposition accused of being police or connected with government security forces, with five wounded.

Those who were present at the continuing wake in the Glenview section of Harare for Gift Tandare accused police of firing into a crowd of mourners as occurred the night before. They said police beat mourners, including one heavily pregnant woman.

They said the police action was unprovoked as mourners were singing and dancing.

Two opposition youths were shot in the early hours of Tuesday at the same location. Witnesses said those shots were fired from a truck with ruling party markings.

Movement for Democratic Change National Youth Assembly Secretary Solomon Madzore said Glenview had become like a war zone.

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