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Zimbabwe's Hyperinflation Driving AIDS Drugs Out Of Reach For Many

Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe is inflicting economic pain on millions, but for those battling AIDS it poses a deadly threat as prices of antiretroviral drugs soar out of reach.

The latest 12-month inflation rate of 1,594% means overnight changes in the cost not only of antiretroviral drugs but other key elements of HIV-AIDS therapy, like food.

So-called first-line ARVs that used to cost around $Z50,000 a month now run between Z$75,000 and Z$80,000, and those prices are moving at an alarming speed.

Reporter Ndimyake Mwakalyelye sought perspective from two experts in sustaining treatment and care for people living with HIV-AIDS in the Zimbabwean environment.

Lynde Francis is executive director of The Center, a Harare HIV-AIDS care facility, and Elisha Chidombwe is executive director of the Zimbabwe AIDS Prevention and Support Organization, which helps companies develop HIV-AIDS programs for workers.

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