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Zimbabwe-Tanzania Confederation Cup Match Put Off Until Sunday

Zimbabwe football fans will have to wait one more day to watch the second leg of the Africa Confederation Cup playoff between Mwana Africa and Mundu Football Club of Tanzania. The match was put off until Sunday due to a Tanzanian travel delay.

Mwana Africa is favored having won the first leg of the match in Tanzania two weeks ago. Zimbabwe fans were hoping for a return to normal following chaos Wednesday evening at Rufaro Stadium as Zimbabwe's juniors played the Cameroon side.

Commentator Michael Kariati gave reporter Marvellous Mhlanga Nyahuye a rundown on the weekend's fixtures and the after-effects of the mayhem at Rufaro, where the Zimbabwe Football Association printed too few tickets, exasperating fans who were locked out of the game or in some cases tore down gates to gain access.

Kariati said ZIFA is engaging in some damage-control following the incident.

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