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Lengthens Club Squeezes Into Zimbabwe's Premier Soccer League

Lengthens Football Club of Dzirasekwa scrambled into the Premier Soccer League from the lower-level Division One after defeating Dorking Farm of Chikangwe 2-1at a match played at the Dzirasekwa stadium on Saturday.

Lengthens thereby edged out Gunners Football Club by one point in relegation play for the Northern Region. Lengthens attained 79 points, besting Gunners's with 78 points and claiming its position in the country's top soccer league.

Sundowns of Gwanda has also moved up to represent the Southern Region. It now remains only to be seen which Eastern Region team will be promoted.

Sports commentator Michael Kariati gave reporter Marvellous Mhlanga-Nyahuye his insights on how Lengthens pulled off its displacement of Gunners in the PSL.

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