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Harare Commission Chief Makwavarara Draws Flak Over Budget

Relations between Harare residents and city Commission Chairwoman Sekesai Makwavarara are even more strained than usual these days as her state-appointed board presents its 2007 budget.

Residents of Ward 34 of the Mufakose section of Harare were scheduled to meet with Makwavarara on Monday, but she failed to show up. This apparently was because the residents were planning to stage a demonstration against her administration.

Another meeting on Monday, in the Glenview district, broke up when residents started to sing in protest and denounce Makwavarara, who was not there either.

Residents complained that such an important meeting should not have been held on a Monday afternoon when many residents had to be at work.

Harare activists complain that the budget was drawn up without sufficient consultation, and that the process should have been completed by the end of October.

Combined Harare Residents Association spokesman Precious Shumba told reporter Jonga Kandemiiri of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that more demonstrations are in store for Harare commission members in the days ahead.

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