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Zimbabwe Teacher Unions Join Forces On Wage Negotiating Panel

Zimbabwe's three teachers unions have decided to set aside their differences and rivalries and work together - at least where wage negotiations are concerned - on a committee that will represent their views in a wider negotiating forum.

the Zimbabwe Teachers Association, the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe and the Teachers Union of Zimbabwe will hold seats on the Apex Council alongside representatives of the trade unions for civil servants. Apex Council members sit on the National Joint Negotiating Council, which also includes government officials.

Each of the unions will control two seats on the Apex Council whereas previously only the Zimbabwe Teachers Association enjoyed representation. Other seats go to the Public Service Association and College Lecturers Association of Zimbabwe.

Secretary General Raymond Majongwe of the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe, visiting Washington, told reporter Jonga Kandemiiri that his union’s inclusion should improve results from the National Joint Negotiating Council.

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