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MDC President Tsvangirai, Criticized by Rivals, Targets Mugabe

Movement for Democratic Change President Morgan Tsvangirai, embroiled in a struggle for control of his party, has written an open letter to President Robert Mugabe accusing him of politicizing the army, police and civil service to crush opposition.

His broadside came just days after an opposing MDC faction led by party secretary general Welshman Ncube launched charges that Tsvangirai has been resorting to “Mugabe-like” tactics of violence and intimidation to obtain control of the fractious party, and has exploited ethnic differences to mobilize internal party support.

Reporter Jonga Kandemiiri turned to political analyst and University of Zimbabwe lecturer John Makumbe to ask if President Mugabe is likely to be disturbed by Tsvangirai’s accusations given the opposition's current disarray.

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