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In Zimbabwe's Latest Fuel Crisis, a Country Running on Fumes

Zimbabwe’s worst-ever fuel crisis is getting even worse with many areas totally dry.

Reports say even the black market is struggling for supply, and cars and buses are rapidly disappearing from the streets. Service stations run by Comoil and Exor, licensed to sell fuel for dollars and other hard currencies, are also out.

Comoil Executive Chairman Savious Kasukuwere, who is also member of parliament for Mount Darwin, a town about 400 kilometers north of Harare, the capital, declined to comment on the crisis, saying he is no longer executive chairman of the fuel firm.

Businesses and consumers are feeling the drought. Reporter Carole Gombakomba of VOA’s Studio 7 for Zimbabwe interviewed Shane Mtetwa, a taxi driver in Chegutu, 80 kilometers west of Harare, who has not been able to find gasoline for two weeks.

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