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Former Mugabe Information Czar Moyo Reinvents Himself

Other than President Robert Mugabe, few Zimbabwean politicians are as controversial or have generated as much antipathy as Jonathan Moyo, who served Mr. Mugabe as a high-provile minister of information until he was sacked early this year.

In his checkered career, Mr. Moyo has transformed himself from one of Mr. Mugabe’s fiercest critics into the president’s leading propagandist and apologist, then back to an opposition gadfly after his expulsion from the Zimbabwean chief’s inner circle for his association with a dissenting faction of the ruling party purged in late 2004.

But Mr. Moyo has managed to land on his feet, winning a seat in parliament in the March elections representing the district (and town) of Tsholotsho in the opposition stronghold of Matabeleland. More importantly for his longer-term prospects in political life, Mr. Moyo disassociated himself from the Mugabe government before it embarked on the slum clearance operation that the United Nations has called “disastrous.”

Reporter Chris Gande of VOA’s Studio 7 for Zimbabwe caught up with Mr. Moyo and asked him about the idea of a political third force that he has been talking up.