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Studio 7 Headlines, Thursday, August 18, 2016

Voice of America Studio 7
Voice of America Studio 7

Tajamuka-Sesijikile Campaign holds a meeting with UNICEF officials in Harare following claims by the United Nations agency that it is illegal to use children in public demonstrations or any political protest. The family of abducted political activist, Itai Dzamara, recently featured children at Africa Unity Square who handed flowers and cakes to the police when it staged a public demonstration to mark 17 months of the disappearance of the leader of Occupy Africa Unity Square.

Zimbabwean vendors march to a local police station to express their dissatisfaction with the manner in which they are being allegedly brutalized by the police.

Members of the Women of Zimbabwe Arise today staged a peaceful demonstration in Bulawayo demanding that the government should introduce free primary education, starting this coming school term.

Most farmers in Mashonaland West say they are ill-prepared for the 2016/2017 agricultural season.

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This evening on Livetalk our hosts of the Women’s Round Table Marvellous Mhlanga Nyahuye and Praxedes Jeremiah will be talking about peaceful demonstrations in Zimbabwe.

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Studio 7 Headlines, Thursday, August 18, 2016
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