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Studio 7 Headlines, Friday, August 12, 2016

Voice of America Studio 7

Zimbabweans praise swimming sensation Kirsty Coventry for reaching the finals of the 200 meter backstroke swimming competition at the Rio Olympics hoping that she will win one of the three medal up for grabs. They also have high hopes that rower Micheen Thorncroft will fight to the bitter end in the sculls competition today.

Civic society leaders in Zimbabwe have expressed dismay over the heavy presence of state security agents in their meetings, workshops and related activities following nationwide protests, saying this is stifling freedom of association and freedom of speech as some activists are now scared of speaking out their minds. Some people are even scared of attending the meetings.

Political and civic engagement by African youth is declining and is particularly weak among young women, according to new Afrobarometer survey findings. The findings point to a significant gap between empowerment aspirations of the African Youth Decade and the reality of youth engagement.

Preparations are in top gear for the MDC-T march this weekend in Zimbabwe’s Midlands capital, Gweru.

Conservationists appeal for the protection of elephants as some nations commemorate World Elephant Day.

And this evening we will be featuring musician Diana Samkange, affectionately known as MaNgwenya, who has shifted from urban grooves to the mbira beat.

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This evening on Livetalk our hosts Ntungamili Nkomo and Tatenda Gumbo will be talking about International Youth Day. What do you think about issues affecting youth in Zimbabwe and other nations?

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Studio 7 Headlines, Friday, August 12, 2016
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