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Zimbabwe, With Music Icon Oliver Mtukudzi, Mourns Highway Death of Son, 21

Percussionist Martha Tendai Badza of Sam Mtukudzi's Ay Band said his death represented a great loss for the Zimbabwean music industry in which many had expected him to carry on the tradition of his father, Oliver


Sandra Nyaira

Zimbabwean musical icon Oliver Mtukudzi, his family and countless friends and fans Tuesday were mourning Sam Mtukudzi, 21, his musician son and potentially his successor after his death in a highway crash.

The younger Mutukudzi died in a single-car crash in the Harare suburb of Kuwadzana on the highway from Harare to Norton, home of the Mtukudzi family.

Also killed in the crash was Owen Chimhare, 24, a fellow musician, who had accompanied Sam Mtukudzi  to Harare International  Airport where Oliver and his wife, Daisy, had failed to arrive as expected.

Officials said the two men died instantly when their pick-up truck veered off the road early Monday as they headed for Norton, hit the rails on a bridge and fell into a dry river bed.

A distraught Mtukudzi told mourners at his home in Norton, northwest of Harare, that he blamed himself for the death of his son, as he had failed to inform him that his travel plans back to Harare had changed.

Sam Mtukudzi and Owen Chimhare were to be buried Wednesday side by side at the Warren Hills Cemetery, Harare, after a church service and a viewing ceremony at Mtukudzi's Pakare Paye Arts Center in Norton.

Friends of the family said Mtukudzi broke into tears on viewing the bodies of the two crash victims. "Tearful and visibly shaken, Mtukudzi touched the still body of his son and could only say a few words: 'I worked with you, I played with you, I loved you - now why do you leave me? Life is unfair … life does not belong to us.'"

Zimbabwean-based musicians flocked to pay homage to Sam and console Mtukudzi and his family.

U.S.-based Chimurenga musician Thomas Mapfumo called to offer Mtukudzi his condolences. So did South Africa's Ringo Madlingozi, Judith Sepuma and Mzwake Mbuli. Politicians across the political spectrum showed up to pay their respects along with business leaders and ordinary Zimbabweans.

Sam Mtukudzi's second album, "Cheziya," was to have been launched on April 1, which would have been his 22nd birthday.

Martha Tendai Badza, a percussionist in his Ay Band, told VOA Studio 7 reporter Sandra Nyaira that Sam's death was represented a great loss for the Zimbabwean music industry in which many had expected him to carry on the tradition of his father, Oliver.

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by: joana t
10.05.2010 16:20
l am sorry for ur loss my gd bless u

by: Jabulani Banda
04.05.2010 21:58
May your dearest soul rest in peace Sammy

by: Thami Solo Mahllambi
30.04.2010 00:23
I weep with you I do

by: Epy
02.04.2010 10:18
may his soul rest in peace

by: Thandiwe Makwindi
24.03.2010 13:23
God gives and God takes, so soon. We thank you Lord for the time with the boys. We ask you God to give the two families Mtukudzi, Chimhare and fellow loving Zimbabweans comfort. AMEN

by: marcia
24.03.2010 10:22
my deepest condolences to the Mtukudzi's and close relations and to us the fans of both father and son. may his soul rest in eternal peace.

24.03.2010 08:39
SAMANYANGA, THE GOOD LORD GIVES AND TAKES AT HIS OWN DISCRETION. SAM WAS A FLOWER THAT WAS TO WITHER AND DIE AT THE STIPULATED TIME.ONLY GOD KNOWS WHY. WHAT WE CAN ONLY SAY IS "Zvir kwamuri Mambo,kuda kwenyu itai.....". May the good Lord give you the strenght to accept that Sam's time on earth is nomore. may the good Lord do what he seeas fit with his soul.

22.03.2010 06:03

by: tabeth
21.03.2010 11:02
Daisy and Oliver the Lord has taken back what he has given to you. It was time for Sam to go to his heavenly Father. Do not mourn but believe in Him. Sam Rest in peace

by: Eunice
20.03.2010 00:07
may his soul rest in peace. May God be with the Mtukudzi family during this time of sorrow and forever. Tuku see you kucentral park this summer

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