Monday, July 28, 2014 Local time: 06:15

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Zimbabwe Urged to Reform Parties Finance Law

The organization says it is normally difficult for smaller parties to get at least 5 percent of the vote as stipulated in the law in order to access state funds

Residents 'Uncover' Massive Salary Scam in Chitungwiza Council

Councillors allegedly connived with the Town Clerk to approve a salary increment for the entire council management backdated to September 2012.

Tsvangirai Cautions EU Against 'Selfish' Zimbabwe Re-engagement

He also urged the international community to keep the pressure on President Mugabe’s Zanu PF government to embrace acceptable standards of governance.

Police Question Minister Moyo Over Baba Jukwa Saga

The minister's lawyer Terrence Hussein told VOA’s Blessing Zulu that Moyo was merely invited not summoned.

Education Groups Welcome Zimbabwe's New Teachers Program

But they say they want to have a huge stake in the programme to avoid various glitches like nepotism

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