Monday, April 21, 2014 Local time: 14:25

LiveTalk: 1830 - 1930 UTC

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Will Zanu PF Re-elect Mugabe, 90, in December Congress?

'President Mugabe is eligible for re-election at the party congress and if the people still want him, they will elect him'

Mugabe Says Security Agents Ready to Crush Public Protests

At 90 years old, Mr. Mugabe warned, his fist still packs 90 tonnes of force if cornered

War Veterans: Zanu PF Has Abandoned Us

The majority of the country’s war veterans say they are wallowing in poverty despite sacrificing their lives to bring majority rule in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Sport Worse Off 34 Years After Independence

Some national teams are now entirely dependent on borrowing equipment from others when taking part in international competitions

What Does Zimbabwe Independence Mean to You?

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