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Australia Maintains Sanctions on Mugabe Family, Securocrats

Zanu PF spokesman Rugare Gumbo said Zanu PF will not lose any sleep over the extension of the targeted measures

ZCTU Holds Economic Meeting as Deflation Bites

Economists are predicting that deflation will take years to tackle as the economy is reeling from depressed industrial production

Did Zimbabwe Land Reforms Destroy Agriculture Sector?

Zanu PF argues that the land reforms benefited indigenous people who were pushed off their productive land by the white settlers in the 19th century

Reinstatement of City Directors Angers Harare Residents

Shumba said they have information that the two were brought back by Mahachi on a one-year contract yet only last yet they were among those given retrenchment letters

Cash-Strapped Govt Steps Up Moves to Tax Informal Traders

ZIMRA boss Gershom Pasi says the government will regularise the informal sector so the national fiscus can also benefit

What Does Zimbabwe Independence Mean to You?

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