Friday, August 01, 2014 Local time: 02:04

LIVE: President Barack Obama, YALI Summit, 28 July 2014, 1500 - 1630 UTC

LiveTalk: 1830 - 1930 UTC

Call 001-202-619-2077 to participate.

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Gweru Hospital Revival Brings Hope to Locals

Gweru Provincial Hospital has 350 beds and the new Casualty Department is capable of handling 40 patients

CZI Attempts to Revive Zimbabwe Manufacturing Sector

The congress is expected to come up with recommendations that will shape the future of the economy and restore industry performance and growth to its peak levels.

Home Affairs Ministers to Discuss Fate of Zimbabweans in SA

Home Affairs Minister's spokesperson, Mayihlone Tshwete, says the much-anticipated meeting is set for Thursday.

U.S. First Lady Calls on African Men to Uplift Women

'I am who I am today, particularly because of the men in my family'

ZINARA Exempts Zimbabwe Legislators from Paying Toll Fees

As proof of exemption, the legislators say they were given certificates of exemptions and stickers

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