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Zimbabwe's Civil Servants Stage Protests Over Poor Salaries

The workers have given government one month to adjust their salaries or face a mass job action


Thomas Chiripasi

Zimbabwe's civil servants staged a march in the capital Harare Friday protesting poor salaries and demanding improved working conditions.

Numbering about 300, the demonstrators sought audience with Public Service Minister Eliphas Mukoweshuro who promised to convene a meeting to discuss their wage grievances.

State workers are demanding a pay rise, arguing government should be able to pay them from proceeds realized from the Marange diamonds. But government says it is broke.

Chief Executive Officer Sifiso Ndlovu of the Zimbabwe Teachers Association told VOA Studio 7 reporter Brenda Moyo that civil servants want a minimum salary of US$500 in line with the national food basket.

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by: vhimisai zvamaida
13.10.2010 05:33
the mdc should realise that teachers worked hard for them to be what they are today biti is not a super human being .we are only asking for what we deserve.a decent salary.tanonoka hwande was right when he said the mdc will bring no change