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Zimbabwean President Mugabe Says Western 'Vampires' in Libya for Oil

President Mugabe said the UN Security Council resolution authorizing the creation of a no-fly zone and other measures to protect civilians, was being abused by Western nations intent on controlling Libyan resources


Thomas Chiripasi

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe launched a scathing attack Monday on the Western countries that intervened militarily in Libya, castigating them as "vampires" who sought to kill Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi and control the country's oil.

Mr. Mugabe made his comments after a meeting with visiting Chinese Deputy Premier Wang Qishan, as correspondent Thomas Chiripasi reported from Harare.

"There is no reneging on the [Security Council] resolution any more," Mr. Mugabe said. "It's there and it's a mistake we made. We should never have given the West, knowing their bloody vampires of the past, all this room to go for our people in Africa."

China abstained in the UN Security Council vote on the resolution authorizing the establishment of a no-fly zone over Libya and other measures intended to protect the civilian population at risk as pro-Gadhafi forces closed in on rebel-held towns.

But South Africa voted for the resolution, infuriating some in the ruling African National Congress. Mr. Mugabe's statement might be seen as a tacit criticism of Pretoria.

"We don't agree with the form of government that was in Libya," he said. "Libya was nevertheless a member of the African Union and we looked forward to it transforming its own system in its own way, not in the way they desire, and now taking advantage of the fact that it has been given that support, to place itself in a position in which tomorrow it would be master of the resources of Libya, especially oil.

"And it is this oil, oil, oil which is the undoing of the Libyan people," Mr. Mugabe said.

Mr. Mugabe's ZANU-PF party denounced the Western intervention in Libya, while the other main partner in Harare's national unity government, the Movement for Democratic Change formation of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, hewed close to the position advanced by the African Union, urging an end to hostilities.

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by: richard
17.04.2011 15:01
i think all africans we should unite against these and defend gadaffi for the good is done for africa. these people claim they are protecting civilians but accually they are experimenting there weapons. they have already used uranium bombs which will affect generations to come so africans we should stop fighting each orther stand up and we fight the invaders

by: jamie
24.03.2011 03:07
for the first time i agree with mugabe, would the uk and america have got involved were there no oil? Why would the coalition not invade zimbabwe, maybe because old bob has already raped it for all its worth and so there would be little benefit to the governments in the coalition or any of the big business that hides behind them

by: moses
23.03.2011 13:43
mugabe your next and others

by: power
22.03.2011 11:12
step down gaddafi dnt you see pple you are killing

by: pcow
22.03.2011 09:02

It's so sad news that war are start. It's also a great evolution that all Western countries attend for war against one person Gaddafi. I've found some youtube video on:

All western leaders are attending this war only for Libyan Oil and Gas. Gaddafi just a issue not more than.

by: Sausani Mmozi
22.03.2011 03:50
Your heading on this news report refers. What a warped way of thinking. Just as there are no excesses in Zimbabwe, that all political parties have equal access to local TV and Radio. No people are being beaten up in Zimbabwe for holding divergent views and any "FOREIGN POWERS" claiming so are "AFTER OUR DIAMONDS!" Lord have mercy! The people that were being slaughtered like chickens by Gaddafi were just that: chickens, the "INVADING FORCES" are there for the oil!

by: Gary Nyajina
22.03.2011 02:56
Gadafi is coward,stupid, and ignorant in all stance,him like the murderer Mugabe should have put the interest the people who elected him let alone his stomarch. Carry on the five powers teaching the fools