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Zimbabwe Visit by ANC Firebrand Malema Ends Amid Racial Crisis in South Africa

African National Congress firebrand Julius Malema kept a a low profile as he left Zimbabwe late Monday after a three-day visit, canceling a scheduled news conference blaming trip organizers for confusion about flights


Scott Bobb, Patience RusereThomas Chiripasi

South African President Jacob Zuma and other officials continued Monday to try to defuse racial tensions after  the murder on Saturday of white supremacist Eugene Terre'blanche, who was killed by two black workers in what reports said was a dispute over pay.

VOA correspondent Scott Bobb in Johannesburg reported on the crisis in South Africa which threatened to overshadow preparations for the World Cup of soccer to kick off there in June.

African National Congress firebrand Julius Malema kept a a low profile as he left Zimbabwe late Monday, canceling a scheduled news conference blaming trip organizers for confusion about flights for his delegation though he spoke briefly with reporters following a meeting with President Robert Mugabe.

VOA Studio 7 correspondent Thomas Chiripasi reported that Malema rejected the notion that his anti-white declarations had anything to do with the murder of Terre'Blanche. South African opposition parties said Malema's references to the liberation song "Shoot the Boer" qualified as hate speech and had helped stoke interracial tensions.

Malema’s three-day visit to Zimbabwe stirred strong feelings on both sides of the border. The Zimbabwe National Students Union and members of other youth organizations said he had no place advocating policies for Zimbabwe given allegations of corruption at home and his excesses of speech along racial lines.

Malema's statements while in Zimbabwe sparked fear in South Africa that it could follow Zimbabwe down the pathway of chaotic land reform through the seizure of white property. South Africa’s Sunday Times ran the headline “Malema gets cosy with ZANU-Pf sharks” a reference to Mr. Mugabe's former ruling party.

South African-based Zimbabewan political analyst Ozias Tungwarara told VOA Studio 7 reporter Patience Rusere that Malema's statements don’t necessarily reflect official ANC policy as the youth wing of the ruling party has some independence.

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by: billy
25.04.2010 12:47
ll is not well in sa. i dont care what people say.

by: musa chinunga
12.04.2010 11:57
why are you not send the sms news update?

Response: Our vendor had issues requiring text transmission to be halted; we are reorganizing this service and request your patience in the interim.

by: me
09.04.2010 10:09
If as white I'm unwanted in Africa - then give me a VISA & I'll leave, if land is redistributed (I don't own any) does that not entitle me to a bit in England & the Netherlands where my ancestors lived? I'm tired of all these issues - I was too young to support/fight apartheid, people move on - get over your issues - white & black & every other colour alike - and let's be HAPPY -

by: James
09.04.2010 08:32
I dont understand our leader Julias Melema yes i agree with Malema whites treated us like Animals but, we should stop killing each other in africa. You are shaking hands with a wrong person his hands are full of blood, so you say to us its cool if another black brother kills another black brother even if can kill them in milions. we dont learn.

by: Wikus
08.04.2010 18:32
I teach in a multicultural school we fight about homework never race,we believe in unity some black,white,coloured, indian kids aged 10 can set a better example than some leaders who are adults common live together for our kids or find an island an go fight there.

by: Yvonne
08.04.2010 16:44
What about the hate crime of kidnapping other human beings from their homes and their children for generations and working for nothing not even a meagre salary or pension- ie the slave trade. What about the Partition of Africa by non whites, what about colonialisition and APARTHEID? Because it was all done by whites it does not matter. Maybe this is the beggining of divine justice. Maybe Terreblanche is paying for his sins - he is definitely not in heaven.

by: Gava
08.04.2010 09:46
Malema has no right what so ever to echo his statements agaist our country, hence he should not interfere with Zimbabwe's politics!

08.04.2010 09:24
Im not saying I'm supporting Malema's actions ( he's obviously corrupt and everyone can see that ), what i'm tryna point out is the fact that all that is today is a direct result of WHITE imperialism. Who came to africa to colonise, who created the system that is presently destroying the world. All that we africans are doing is claiming what's rightfully ours, and unfortunatelly it's gona be with blood. that's my point, use it dont use it

by: lefu mofokeng
07.04.2010 11:14
what malema is doing is totaly wrong and is misleadinf the country.at first we hope that the new anc will come up with positive changes but we were wrong.for the first time in history making the country never been distroyed like this.we gave msholozi each and every responsibility to look after our beloving county but with in two years of his leadership and few years after we we gained freedom we wanted is back to squre one again.

by: Meshinos
07.04.2010 08:53
How long shall Shall South Africa face the oppression of one man to another. What Malema say or doe's is beginning to open the eyes of those Blacks who have been oppressed for decades. Others might kill, and that should be treated as traditional crime... "Hands off Malema" coz the Guy is just proving that Whites can now be confronted when they behave racist without incurring any consequences.

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