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Parents Complain of High Tuition Ahead of New School Term

Ntungamili Nkomo
Schools are set to open on Tuesday with some parents complaining of increases in tuition fees and costs of accessories such as uniforms and books.

A survey revealed that some primary schools had hiked levies and tuition fees from about $50 to between $55 and $60. Some secondary schools are also said to have increased their charges.

Parents who spoke to VOA Studio 7 complained that after spending a lot on Christmas goodies and farm implements, they exhausted their savings and are now battling to raise fees for their children.

For perspective, we reached parent-of-three Fungai Garikai Mahlengwe and Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe secretary general Raymond Majongwe.

Mahlengwe said with a low pay, he is struggling to raise fees for his children while Majongwe noted that teachers are also pressing for a salary increase.
Interview With Fungai Garikai Mahlengwe & Raymond Majongwe
Interview With Fungai Garikai Mahlengwe & Raymond Majongwei
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