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Ndebele Nationalists Launch Mthwakazi Liberation Front in Zimbabwe

Mthwakazi Liberation Front Chairman Crispen Nyoni said his party’s aim is to bring about an independent Ndebele state


Brenda Moyo

Zimbabwe has yet another political party following the launch this week of the Bulawayo-based Mthwakazi Liberation Front led by Fidelis Ncube, former commander of the Zimbabwe Peoples Revolutionary Army or ZIPRA, in the 1970s liberation war.

The party was launched Tuesday in Stanley Square in Bulawayo's Makokoba suburb.

Another prominent figure in the party is Max Mnkandla, leader of the Zimbabwe Liberators Platform Peace Initiative, a veterans association.

Mthwakazi Liberation Front Chairman Crispen Nyoni told VOA Studio 7 reporter Brenda Moyo that his party’s aim is to bring about an independent Ndebele state.

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by: masinya
17.03.2011 17:53
Thanks to the bravery of those who have today opened the new road to frredom and sorry to those who where benefiting from the Zimbabwean system of isolating Matebeleland.

by: Dlamini
20.01.2011 06:26
Finally headed towards through liberation.

by: telly
20.01.2011 05:30
great idea to divide... there is no turning back..we don't beg, we dont ask anybody . we declare ourselves independent here and now.

by: Chimurenga
31.12.2010 05:50
While I support any affort to reduce ZANU-PF influence what the country REALLY needs is progressive leadership... something it has lacked for 30 years.. The country's ills can only be solved by the People - of all races - working together to develop a proper Constitution that takes power away from political parties and gives it to the People.

While we have political parties, the interest of the party and it's leaders will ALWAYS be prioritised before those of the citizens of the country.

by: simba
31.12.2010 03:50
that is why last time Bob had to consider Gukurahundi why want people to die again Crispen Nyoni you and your party shove it somewhere else with your tribal issues and tell Bob this time he is not going to succeed in dividing votes

by: stone
31.12.2010 03:43
this is not good idea i see again more blood shade with this! and this will party also induce tribalism into people my own opinion is Crispen must not be a ZANU PF under cover that wishes to divide people and votes

by: ClamTom
30.12.2010 23:29
I thought they launched that resurgent party last year!