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Many Zimbabweans Priced Out Of Markets For Basic Foods

Some Zimbabweans, even in what used to be considered the middle class, are finding themselves priced out of local markets for food as stores and vendors demand payment in hard currencies like the U.S. dollar and South African rand.

The Zimbabwean dollar is depreciating to fast that sellers of all kinds of goods want payment in foreign exchange to hedge against losses in the local currency so they will be able to restock and stay in business.

Similarly, many if not most Zimbabwean landlords are demanding rents be paid in hard currency.

Food prices are rising hourly, leaving many Zimbabwean families hungry.

Simon Mhlanga of Chiredzi said most families he knows have one meal a day or none at all.

Accountant Misheck Moyo of Karoi said that even as a professional he is living hand-to-mouth.

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