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String Of Firebombings In Zimbabwe Sparks Fear Of Rising Violence

Extending a recent series of firebombings, another Molotov cocktail attack took place in Harare's Mbare district early Tuesday morning as unknown assailants hit the ruling party's offices in the pro-opposition district causing Z$15 million (US$600) damage.

Gasoline bomb attacks in recent days have hit a passenger train, injuring five people, a supermarket in the capital's Warren Park district and a police station in Mutare, the capital of eastern Manicaland Province near the border with Mozambique.

The attacks have raised fears that violence may be on the rise. Police announced that they are now authorized to use live ammunition when faced with violence.

Authorities blamed the opposition Movement for Democratic Change for the attacks, but both factions of the MDC have denied inciting or condoning violence.

Political analyst Chido Makunike told reporter Jonga Kandemiiri of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe that the emergence of violence was probably inevitable because legitimate expressions of political dissent have been pent up in the country for so long.

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